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How to get into Craft Fairs + what Girl Gang Craft looks for when jurying apps

When it comes to organizing a successful craft fair, selecting the right vendors is crucial. That's why jurying brands is an important step in the selection process. At GGC, we take this process seriously and strive to find small business owners with a unique and cohesive brand identity. We like to create space for new + upcoming artists, work with a political tinge, and products that are in alignment with the GGC mission. Below are some of the criteria we use when jurying brands, including a clear brand identity, cohesive and unique products, crisp product photos, and originality.

1. Clear Brand Identity

One of the most important things we look for when jurying brands is a clear brand identity. We want to see vendors who have a unique and recognizable brand that stands out and is consistent. This means that vendors should have a clear mission statement, logo, and overall aesthetic that reflects their brand's values and goals. A strong brand identity not only helps vendors stand out at the craft fair, but online as well. Vendors should have a website that is easy to navigate and in line with their brand feel.

2. Cohesive and Unique Products

In addition to a clear brand identity, we also look for vendors with cohesive and unique products. Vendors should have a clear theme or concept that ties all of their products together. For example, if a vendor creates handmade jewelry, their pieces should have a similar style or aesthetic that reflects their brand identity. At the same time, vendors should also offer unique and innovative products that stand out from the noise.

3. Crisp Product Photos

When jurying brands, we also pay close attention to the quality of their product photos. Vendors should have high-quality images that showcase their products in the best possible light. This means that photos should be well-lit, with a clean and clutter-free background, and stay aligned with their own brand identity.

4. Originality

Finally, we look for vendors who offer original and innovative products. We want to see vendors who push the boundaries and offer something new and exciting to customers. This could mean using innovative materials, incorporating new techniques or styles, or simply offering a fresh take on a classic product. This also means that vendors should have products that are not copycats or appropriated from someone else's culture.

In conclusion, jurying brands is an important part of selecting the right vendors for a craft fair. At GGC, we look for vendors with a clear brand identity, cohesive and unique products, crisp product photos, and originality. By focusing on these criteria, we can ensure that our craft fair features the most talented and innovative small business owners, creating an unforgettable experience for customers and vendors alike.

We can't wait to see your work!



Haven't applied yet? Get your application in now for Oakland, Salem + Providence shows.

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