I tried 5 Eaze products to help my creativity, here's what happened

I’m going to be honest. I’m a professional artist who hasn’t painted a damn thing for myself this year. My name is Phoebe Sherman and I’m the founder of Girl Gang Craft, a community for female-forward creatives. We throw craft fairs. And in 2020 we did not.

So all my attention and energy in this strange, wild, and tumultuous year, has been going into trying to salvage my event business and make it all happen online.

And I did, I did the damn thing. GGC is still trekking along (and maybe it‘s even thriving).

But when Eaze and I agreed to work together to write about creativity and the Eaze products that sparked them, I was ecstatic. Wait, so I was getting paid, to get high and craft?! Pinch me!

Yes, I’m basically the Carrie Bradshaw of creativity (and cannabis) now.

And yes, my mother has been informed of this endeavor.

Setting the scene:

I’ve been working on this banana painting. Something fun, something light. This is only my 2nd piece for me this year (I have completed commissions this year, but not anything for fun). The following is my exploration of how 5 Eaze products helped my focus, my creativity, and my ability to experiment.

So here we are with 5 products I reviewing for sparking those Creative Juices:

Leune DESERT GOLD Vaporizer (small)

(Leune is a women owned brand)

For full disclosure, I spent a decent portion of this high on the phone with my bestie. So, it’s a good high to chat for sure!

Once I started painting, I got really involved with adding spackle to my banana painting: HELLO TEXTURE. Loved the layered look of acrylic paint over the spackle that I etched onto the canvas with a plastic fork.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity (I’ve been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert) and learning to hold on less to my work, definitely less to my perfection. I’m ready to get messy and experiment, and hold a little less tightly to the outcome.

The Leune pen helped me let loose, and have fun with the piece.