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Summer School

Summer School

Summer is here! And it is time to take a deep dive into your biz in between dips in your local watering hole (socially distanced of course).

We've got 3 workshops for you:

Thurs 7/23 Content Class

Thurs 7/30 Email Marketing

Thurs 8/6 Cultivating Brand Partnerships

Take one class, or absorb yourself in the whole summer session (for the best value!)

Are you ready to invest in your biz?

Each class is $57, but sign up for all 3 for $125 (a $171 value!)


Content Class

7/23 5pm PST

Feel bogged down by the insta algorithm? Feeling like instagram is exhausting and pulling from your power? Do you find yourself scrolling yourself down the rabbit hole? 


We are here to make your life easier. We are here to show you how to plan a month of social media posts in one day!  We are here to help you enjoy the platform again, while making a tangible impact attracting new customers and keeping your current community engaged. We want your posts to equal SALES. Are you ready to make your life easier AND elevate your brand?

This class will cover:

-How to create content

-How to borrow and collect content to ease your work + elevate your brand identity

-How to Plan a month of social media posts in just one day

-How to write captivating captions

-How to utilize hashtags

+ much more!




8/6 5pm PST

Ever wondered what working with big companies is like? Like Adobe, or Winc, or Flodesk? Have you ever wondered how these companies find you and how you can make money working with them? We're here to show you the GGC method for finding and creating partnerships. 

Partnerships can be:

-Event or podcast sponsorships

-Affiliate marketing

-Digital co-marketing

-Content Creation

-Influencer marketing

-Licensing of designs


+ so much more

This class will cover:

-How to find brands that are aligned with your mission

-How to find the right person to contact

-How to outreach + position your audience as valuable to the company

-How to create a partner deck

-How to maintain + nurture these relationships 

Together we rise

Together we rise



7/30 5 pm PST

What if instagram ceased to exist? What would be left of your business? How would you get in touch with your customers? 


We need to collect followers via instagram, and then shuffle them to another permanent place. Like your site. 

On average, businesses make .25$ to $1 per contact per month serving their email list.

This class will cover:

-How to build an email list

-Which platforms are the best for a newsletter

-What to write to your list

-How to offer freebies + advertise freebies to capture new audiences

-How to create dynamic funnels to introduce new leads to your biz

-How to convert followers into paying customers

+ much more!


meet your teacher

meet your teacher

FOUNDER, ARTIst, Creator

Phoebe Sherman is born and raised in the Bay Area.  She has a BA from UC Santa Cruz in Fine Art and Feminist Studies and runs Girl Gang Craft from her home office in Oakland, CA. She spends most of her time practicing yoga, making art, and creating magic with Girl Gang Craft. You can find her traveling, eating, and hiking when she’s not working. 


What they're saying

What they're saying

"I loved the live class with Phoebe. She was energetic, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in helping our businesses grow. I have paid a lot for classes before that didn’t give as simple of a strategy as this one did. Highly, highly recommend giving this class a try!"

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