Girl Gang Craft is a female-forward community for creatives and entrepreneurs. When we are not in a global pandemic we are hosting craft fairs all over CA. Lately, we have turned our attention to creating education + opportunities for artists online. 


We offer classes + courses, plus a dope holiday directory. You can check out our podcast for small biz tips, or shop our feminist apparel. Take a peak around, and hit us up in the chat if you have any questions.


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Are you a small business owner? Wondering how to take your biz to the next level in a fun environment full of community?

We are bringing back the GGC #smallbiz summit, a conference for creatives + entrepreneurs. 

Originated in 2019 IRL in Oakland, we cannot wait to bring back the vibes and energy of that day ONLINE.

The 2021 #smallbiz summit will be 4 days of workshops, panels + talks designed to help grow your biz. 

We know ya'll are zoom fatigued, so each day is light, with impactful content. Plus everything is recorded so you can watch on your own time. 


Applications ARE OPEN!

all womxn, trans, non-binary artists, creatives, healers + entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply

+ Now allies are invited to participate!

June 12th craft fair in oakland

June 12th craft fair in oakland

Enroll in class

Enroll in class

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Popular episodes

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Learn from female-founders lessons on best business practices, and get insight how to implement things like SEO, social media marketing + more to elevate your biz. 


Meet Phoebe

Phoebe Sherman is the founder of Girl Gang Craft. She created Girl Gang Craft in August of 2017 by accident when she was just gathering her friends to sell art and hang out. The energy in that room was contagious though and she decided she wanted to continue to gather artists and create space for collaborations and possibilities. She spends her time practicing yoga, making art, and creating magic with Girl Gang Craft. You can find her traveling, eating, and hiking when she’s not working. Learn more about Phoebe Sherman here.

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