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How to Grow on Instagram with Mya Nichol

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Moneywitch on Taxes, Accounting + Financial Wellness

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Learn from female-founders lessons on best business practices, and get insight how to implement things like SEO, social media marketing + more to elevate your biz. 

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E-mail Marketing Class

 Learn how grow your list and engage with your target customer in their own inbox.


Brand partnership class

Everything you need to know about pitching partners, nurturing these relationships and getting paid.

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Moneywitch bookkeeping

+ Accounting class

Learn business bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting from our favorite $$ witch.

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Meet Phoebe

Phoebe Sherman is the founder of Girl Gang Craft. She created Girl Gang Craft in August of 2017 by accident when she was just gathering her friends to sell art and hang out. The energy in that room was contagious though and she decided she wanted to continue to gather artists and create space for collaborations and possibilities. She spends her time practicing yoga, making art, and creating magic with Girl Gang Craft. You can find her traveling, eating, and hiking when she’s not working. Learn more about Phoebe Sherman here.

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