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ep 1

Episode 1

Episode 1

We Are Girl Gang Craft

"Welcome to Girl Gang Craft The Podcast, a deep dive into all things business, wellness, creativity and activism for artists and entrepreneurs.

Your host Phoebe Sherman shares her journey building Girl Gang Craft from the ground up, a vibrant community of female-forward artists + makers. 

She sets the stage for the new GGC Podcast, where each episode will be an inside look at an impactful founder's journey or a lesson on best practices to grow your business. 

You can follow Phoebe Sherman's personal journey @phoebesherman

How to Build a Maker's Brand in 10 steps

A free downloadable guide that is going to kick start your brand building. Whether your biz is a side hustle, or you’ve been doing it for years, this guide is a simple, easy to use checklist to make your brand legal, to bring in customers, and to create revenue.


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