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Episode 4

Episode 4

Girl Gang Craft + Resilience In the Time of COVID-19

Girl Gang Craft founder Phoebe Sherman talks about resilience for you and your creative business in the time of COVID-19. As you’re listening and reading this now, we know many of you have lost your jobs. Your kids continue to be out of school. You had a retail store that you had to shut down. And the list goes on.

For artists and businesses this is an incredible trying time. For Girl Gang Craft, a business that relies on in-person events, and for artists who rely on craft fairs for income there’s a lot of anxiety around how we are going to financially recover. But there’s also optimism.

This episode addresses those concerns and shares ideas from the community, starting with Girl Gang Craft, on steps you can take to build in more resilience for you and your community.

As the situation unfolds, we’ve been seeing a mix of leaders both pushing the hustle mentality and taking the time to pause. And both are right -- that is, if you are even able to take a pause from your work. If so, go for it. Take care of yourself. But if you need to make income right now, we at Girl Gang Craft will be there by your side with resources on how to creatively pivot.

You can follow Phoebe's personal journey @phoebesherman

Girl Gang Craft Free Guide: The GGC Guide to Pivoting

a free downloadable timeless guide made for Shelter in Place, but will continue to be a go-to resource on polishing up your content and getting online. This FREE resource is a comprehensive guide with steps to implement to not only enage your customers, but heighten your online presence, build multiple revenue streams, and bring in more income. The world is online, are you ready to make your impact?


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