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3 Tips to Makeover Your Instagram Content

We know that social media can be a challenge. The instagram algorithm seems impossible to navigate, engagement fluctuates, and followship is plateauing.

We’ve got you with 3 tips to makeover your instagram content!

1. Consistent Filters and Colors

Your instagram should represent your brand. When you’re scrolling through instagram yourself, do you come across a page, decide you’re not into it, and then continue to be on the page confirming you are not interested? No! When you find a brand you like, you immediately click follow if their content relates to you, and if it doesn’t you move on.

You have 3 seconds to make an impression, so you want your instagram squares to represent your biz, tell your brand story, and you want it to look good.

You want to make your content COHESIVE. And the 2 most important things you can do is A. be consistent with colors and B. be consistent with filters.

Colors: Pick 2-3 Primary colors. Stick to them. Make sure these colors are consistently spread out throughout your instagram squares. Making sure you create + use content that has these colors for a cohesive look.

For filters, you want to use the same filter (or maybe the same 2) for all product photos and pictures of you! You can make the decision to use the a filter for ALL content, even content that you are re-posting, to make your insta nice and consistent.

(Why do we like consistent content? Consistency is a great way for others to digest your brand. You want to have consistent imagery, consistent colors, this is why you don’t change your logos everyday! And your product photos all look similar with similar settings. This is brand recognition!)

2. Use an app to plan your content

Not only can a social media planning app post your content for you, it’s also a great way to organize your content in an order that looks good.

We love PLANOLY, but there’s also:



Preview app


Find a program you love, and get to work moving around your content in an order that coordinates with your launches, events, and looks good!


Your content doesn’t have to be all product photos! Or influencer photos or flatlays or whatever. Did you know that you can borrow content from other people? ( we of course are CREDITING our sources).

Borrowing content helps you:

-relieve your workload

(less photoshoots to plan, less photos to take)

-elevate your brand story

-lift up other artists!

For instance, Girl Gang Craft uses lots of borrowed content. We showcase amazing artists that we love, and it is a win win for everyone as they also get the audience boost.

Let’s say you are a bikini company, maybe you post surfer pics from the 70’s. This helps create the west coast vibe you are going for.

You can collect content from other people’s instagrams OR find content on places like Unsplash!


So there you have it, 3 quick instagram tips that are sure to makeover your instagram feed. Comment below if this was helpful!

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