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by Samantha Elizabeth, Online Business Manager Extraordinaire

Being able to hit that 5K, 10K, 15K month is a common goal for many passionate entrepreneurs. You may be able to manage everything that is going on in your business currently but to scale your business and reach those income goals. You are going to need some help in running the operation of your business. 

Installing systems in your back end will help you in managing all the tasks that come along with scaling your business and reaching your income goals. Systems help you to automate parts of your business and remind you of important tasks that must get done. They help you protect the most valuable resource that you can not get more of, and that is time!

Being able to automate tasks to save you time so you can focus on those money-making tasks is crucial as an entrepreneur. Having systems in place is crucial if you want to reach those income goals in 2020 to help save your precious time.

The top recommended system you need to have in your business to make you more money in 2020 are...


I live and breathe by my Asana, and I think any task management in your business should start with project management software like Asana. Being able to manage tasks in your business is crucial if you want to ensure deadlines are met, work is not rushed, and essential steps are getting done. Having a system like Asana in your business will allow you to start your day and knowing what you have to get done, so you are not wasting time each morning, figuring out what tasks are a priority that day. You can save your precious time knowing what needs to get done!

Asana's simple layout is perfect, especially if it is really important to meet deadlines in your next big project. It gives a perfect visualization of where your project is at and what needs to be done next. You are able to set a project with tasks and subtasks within allowing for endless amounts of personal customization. Not to mention being able to colour code projects is a great feature if you really like the visual aspect of organizing your project.


Asana has a free version that is amazing and many business owners can stick with the free version for quite some time. However, if you want some extra features their plans start at $10.99 billed yearly or $13.49 billed monthly.


Any service-based business owner who has clients, those clients need managing whether you offer 1:1 coaching/mentoring or group programs. Having a CRM in place makes a complex and lengthy on-boarding process simpler, quicker and more efficient for your clients. Within a CRM system tasks such as: sending a contract, asking for a testimonial, having an intake questionnaire can all be automated. This not only saves you time but gives you peace of mind that things are getting done. With you saving time on these admin type tasks, you will have more time in your day to focus on the tasks that make you money!

Dubsado can be a bit overwhelming to learn at first, especially if you have never used a CRM system before. Once you get the hang of how workflows are created, you will quickly pick up how everything operates on their dashboard. If you do have any trouble, their customer support is top-notch, seriously the best! And their Youtube tutorials are amazing at helping you learn the ropes!


Dubsado starts at $35 a month or $350 if billed for the year. The first 3 clients in Dubsado are free!


An incredible system that will help you get organized as a business owner is the optimization of digital storage! As a business owner, there is no doubt that you have digital files in your business that you are going to need to refer back to and share with team members or other entrepreneurs that you collaborate with. Storing files digitally in Google Drive or DropBox not only makes for easy sharing but also protect your files in case of your laptop being stolen or damaged. If your files were just saved on the hard drive of your laptop and unexpectedly your laptop gets damaged, while there is a good chance your files may not be able to be recovered!

Both systems are pretty straight forward to use and are quite easy to navigate. My top tip when storing files in either one of these systems is to utilize folders as soon as possible. Try and make your top tier folder very broad and then narrow down as you go to avoid a clutter of folders. If possible try and organize folders with who you intend to share all the documents in that folder with. For instance, if you have a Virtual Assistant on your team or a Graphic Designer, instead of sharing one document at a time with them, try and combine all documents they will need into one folder. Remember, it is much easier to file documents properly from the start that in it to do it 6 months in and you have a pile of 150 documents to sort through to organize!


  • Google Drive plans start at 200GB of data with a yearly membership is $39.99, 2TB plan is $139.99 and increase from there. 

  • Dropbox plans start at 2TB of data at $155.88 for the year and increase from there.

Happy Organizing ya’ll!

This is an original post from Samantha Elizabeth, who is an Online Business Manager supporting online service-based business owners in their back end, so they have more time to help grow their empire. She has a love of systems, automation and process in business and is always looking for ways to complete tasks more efficiently. Follow along in her journey to receive free tips and tricks on how to be more productive as an online business owner.

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