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by Phoebe Sherman, Founder + CEO & Amanda Hariri, Social Media + Marketing Manager

Craft fair season is here! Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve busted out your signage and folding tables, or maybe you’re new to the whole scene. No stress—we’ve got you covered with these pro tips from GGC founder and craft fair connoisseur Phoebe Sherman on how to absolutely nail your next craft fair.

Before we dive in, let’s review some craft fair basics.

Who Are Craft Fairs For?

Craft fairs were traditionally designed with “makers” (i.e., someone who makes a tangible product) in mind. These days, craft fairs also serve as a fantastic opportunity for food-based and service-based businesses to get their name out in front of a brand new customer base. In fact, at GGC we always encourage service-based businesses to participate in our shows—just make sure you integrate an interactive experience into your booth besides simply telling people about your biz!

How Do I Find Which Craft Fairs to Apply To?

When in doubt, Google it! Specifically, search for craft fairs or maker’s markets in your location. News often travels via word of mouth in the creative community, so you can also ask other craftspeople you admire in your area for the scoop.

Are you based in the Bay Area? Check out this post for a line-up of upcoming craft fairs to attend or apply to this holiday season!

How Do I Apply to a Craft Fair?

Most craft fairs will have an approval process of some sort. You may need to pay an application fee (note: this is often non-refundable) and also pay a separate booth fee upon acceptance. Some fairs will require you to pay the entire booth fee upfront and will refund you if you are not accepted into the event. Each event will have its own process, so be sure to read the application guidelines thoroughly before you submit your application.