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We all know the important of links and directing your traffic to take action. We know that in a link we can create revenue, awareness and attendance. Instagram has provided us the opportunity to create one link in our bio. One sneaky little link. This link should totally be taken advantage of, right? But did you know that we can HACK this one little link, and make it have lots of links?! I know, crazy right? We are talking about this magical link below, see examples of my profiles.

Here are a couple ways to make it happen: LINKTREE: is a website that’s only purpose is to hack your insta link. Linktree is FREE and easy to use. It allows you to customize your theme, but there is no place to add your own branding really besides your logo. With a paid upgrade there are more customizable options available.

CREATE A LINK PAGE THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE: We here at GGC use Sqaurespace for our websites (and also our client’s!), and as we are all about branding we like to have the ability to curate our link page to match with our website and instagram. With all website servers you should be able to create a link page easily. On Squarespace go to add a page and click “Cover Page.” On the left hand side of the screen drag the new “cover page” to under the “not linked” pages section. This means this page will not show up on your website navigation (because that is redundant as you already have these individual links on your navigation). This is basically a secret page that will be utilized just for your instagram that can navigate your viewer to multiple pages. Here is what our backend looks like:

On Squarespace the top link allows your viewer to be added to your newsletter (Newsletters are important gang, get into those inboxes!). And then you have 5 other link options. These can direct to your shop, or your lookbook, or your crowdfunding campaign or your ticket sales etc.

There are a few other apps/sites that Hack your insta links:

We do recommend making a link page that is user-friendly and on brand! As always, feel free to reach out with questions. Comment below or send us an email! xoxo Phoebe

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