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I interviewed Lisandra Vazquez of Auraology. She is an LA based photographer and Aura reader who has participated in Girl Gang Craft once and will be killing it again at our Holiday Show. Her slots always book up, so we suggest you sign up here. Also you can check the Girl Gang Craft Instagram for your chance to win a FREE aura reading with her on November 17.

How did you first get into Aura Photography?

I was doing a seven-month kundalini yoga program called Immense Grace with Guru Jagat. During that time, we were given the task to do a 40 Day feminine arcline meditation to clear out karma and make room for new great things. During these 40 days, I kept getting a vision of aura photos. At this point, I had only really seen aura photos a few times and considered them to be "not real photography". (This is all due to my conceptual fine art training/conditioning I received from my education at CalArts.) I kid you not- EVERY MORNING- I would get up to do my sadhana (morning practice) and there it was: AURA PHOTOS. I was like, "Alright, I GET IT." Lol. So- I set my ego aside and looked into it... From that point on, I couldn't get enough. The field of auras is SO expansive and the fact that I have a tool that can not only produce still and moving images of the energy field is not only dope af but I feel like I can really help people understand and potentially shift their energetic field because of this tool. What more could you want?

Were you always into Aura magic?

I've always been spiritually inclined. I have been working with women's groups and studying energy for over 10 years... but even beyond that, I would say that I have always been reading energy. My family moved to Ohio from Puerto Rico when I was 8 years old. Since I didn't speak the language I had to learn to speak energy really quickly. That's the beautiful thing about working with auras... when language falls short, energy speaks volumes.

What does your aura look like? What does it say about you?

This is a photo of my most recent aura status. I have been doing a lot of work with gratitude and magnetically calling in the things I desire to expand. My aura is currently Gold AF as a result. Gold is the color of someone who is literally going for the gold. It belongs to a person that is globally minded, perfectionist (to better themselves not against others) and has an adventurous spirit. People with gold auras usually have an immense amount of talent and have it in them to have great fame or wealth. Not bad, right? I will say, that I didn't have a fully gold Aura in August when I started measuring my auric changes. I have added a daily gratitude practice where I consciously verbalize gratitude for anything that particular day. This even goes as far as me turning moments of frustration into opportunities for gratitude. "OMG this person is so frustrating... (now automatically turns into) but I am grateful that this work is bringing money that will help me spend more time with my family."  I also play a lot of White Sun music in the background all the time. Their music is encoded with magic that infuses itself into your aura. I recommend "Eka Mai Recitation" or even their gong album as something to infuse good energy into your aura subconsciously.  Can your Aura change?

Absolutely. We have lots of layers to our aura, the outermost layer is colloquially called the mood layer. That is the one that is affected by any aggression in traffic, being around a toxic environment temporarily, or even being in a 60 minute sound bath. The mood layer shifts more frequently for those who don't have a conscious energy practice to maintain a certain balance in their energetic field. I've done "before and after" aura readings for people that have done three days of intensive energy work and also a 90 breath work workshop. Every person that I've read has had a shift or amplification of energy. What that means is that the work they did helped them achieve a different vibration, most likely they will return to the original colors but if they keep up the work they can lift their energy to match what they did in the workshop.

What is your favorite thing about auras?

I could talk forever about auras, I guess that's my favorite thing. Haha. I just think it's so important for us to be aware of the energy that we broadcast. I know I run an aura photo/video booth but for me, that is not the primary focus of each session. I want people to walk out of my booth with more insight into themselves so they can feel empowered to either shift or amplify what they have going on at the moment. You are also a full time photographer, right? What kind of photos do you take?

I am! So, I've been a photographer since 2012 focusing on portraits and events. I do a lot of work in the wellness space. My joke is that my life is a series of women's retreats because I photograph a lot of women's retreats, haha. I love helping people with brands really flush out their vision so we can translate that into imagery that will be understood and adored by their ideal clients. How do you balance both the regular photography and the Aura photos?

Luckily the regular photography is kind of on autopilot at this point... I definitely have to try if I want to promote a certain service but for the most part, work comes in pretty organically through years of networking and word of mouth. The aura work is so much fun for me that it genuinely feels like a treat anytime I get to work or plan something for it, so maybe that's why I feel like there is a balance.

Have you ever been shocked by somewhat’s aura?

YES. I've had one client that had white flashes pop up during their animated session and I had never seen that before. To describe it, it looked like I was doing flash photography during the recording session... and I wasn't. When I finished, I explained to them what I saw and they started crying. (Happy tears) They said, "I know exactly what that is. I had been asking for a sign and that is it." *Queue chills* It was pretty incredible. Are all auras created equal?

For the most part, yes. All human beings are born with an aura and the only time it fades is before the moment of death. It can have holes and "muddy" areas during times of illness or negativity but the aura is the same kind of field around each human. There are so many variables that can change what the aura looks like in different people but the "stuff it is made of" is the same in all of us. Do you have any other magical practices besides aura reading?

I don't think I've ever shared this publicly but I am clairaudient, which means that I can hear or perceive things that are inaudible to the rest of the folks around. I have been able to use that during my aura readings because I start a day of sessions with a meditation/prayer to only give readings that will align to each client in a positive way. I never know what I am going to say with each reading. I could see two people in a row with similar colors and because of what I'm being guided to say the interpretation can be different for the two people. That is unless those two people are really heavily involved with each other, but that's a different story haha. For non-aura related stuff, I give tarot readings to friends and also use my intuition with my traditional photo practice as well. You’re such a boss babe with your beautiful graphics and engaging Instagram, any words of advice for all the other lady business owners out there?

First of all, that is very kind. The only advice I can give is: just be yourself and keep showing up. There are lots of other people who might be doing the exact same thing that you do but only you can do what YOU were brought here to do. For example, there are lots of other great aura photo businesses out there. We are all utilizing the same technology, some analog & some digital. The beautiful thing is that we are all different channels and interpreters so you could go to all of us and have a completely different experience. Competition only exists if you believe in lack. I choose to believe in an abundant universe where there is more than enough for everyone. So if you find yourself comparing or competing against someone you feel is a competitor, remember that as long as you keep "doing you" and showing up every day to your business/mission, no one can stop you. Your light is just as much a gift to the world as the next person, so shine on sis, What is your favorite thing about this photography work?

My favorite thing is without a doubt, the people I get to meet. It makes me wanna cry because I get the privilege of photographing people all over the country. The fact that people are giving me permission to photograph them and trust me to give them a reading of their energy is not something I take lightly. I have had only incredible humans walk through the crushed velvet doors of my booth, even the skeptical ones. :)

There is usually one or two people a day that cries in the booth because they received a message that deeply connected with them... that is why I am doing this. To help with healing and energetic expansion in a positive way.

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