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Happy 4/20! Try these Female-Founded Cannabis Brands on your next Spring Adventure

Remember my last Eaze blog post? All about products that help your creativity? And I painted this banana painting while I rambled on about what kind of high the products give you?

Well I’m back at it. Here to give you a little bit different vibe. All these products are female-founded and I tried them while ADVENTURING. That’s right, I got the “ f ” out of my house and embraced various adventures while getting high.

But first, who am I to tell you about what cannabis products to choose?

Well here’s what makes me qualified:

1. I am an avid cannabis user, daily use, but I’m like a one-to-two-hits-off-the-pipe kind of girl. I am BUSY, type A, hyper-organized, and cannabis gives my overactive brain some REST. It also tells me it’s time to not work, to relax, be present, and pay attention to my goddamn partner instead of my computer. This is why I value quality cannabis products.

2. I get anxious. Like often. I am a highly functioning anxious human. And sometimes cannabis relaxes me, and sometimes it makes me question how to even yawn, or chew, or use the remote. This is why I am always on the lookout for cannabis products that HELP my anxiety rather than exacerbate it.

3. My job is to find cool female-founded products and spread the word about them. Really. I spend my time helping female founders grow their businesses (classes + conferences) and also give them a place to sell their work (hello brand directory and craft fairs). So I am constantly on the lookout for super amazing female-founded companies to support and share with my community.

4. I love a good packaging moment. And damn do all these products LOOK good. And yes, this is a reason I am qualified to tell you about cannabis, because I spend a lot of my time at the computer designing things myself and even have an art degree, so that makes me a professional qualifier of when packages are cool, ok?

So here are 3 products I tried while doing various spring adventures, and my findings. Because, please, get me out of my house and into this sunshine, ok?

⅛ oz, 23% THC, sativa

You might already be familiar with Leune. I did write about their desert gold vaporizer in my last piece. They have FAB packaging, are female-founded, and seriously their IG is BRILLIANT. And yes I am also qualified to say that because I spend most of my day thinking about branding and social media. Go peep their IG they are so creative using their products to create really cool moments.

But the flower. The adventure.

This adventure was…. Our first date night in forever!!! We popped out to dinner, got a couple drinks, and then returned home to smoke and then proceeded to grab McFlurries. Ok so it wasn’t *quite* the outdoor adventure you may have envisioned, but it was my first McFlurry in years, my first outdoor dining date night in a WHILE, and it was the perfect high to eat my McFlurry (m+m duh) and have a little loving time with my partner, if you know what I’m saying.

I can tell this flower will be a staple in my routine, because the high was mellow, relaxing, and also fun at the same time.

100mg THC, with 10 pieces, (10mg each) Sativa


I took half of a gummy, these gummies are 10mg and my little brain is used to 5mg, so half was perfect. I took my Sunday afternoon to head to a concrete park in Oakland and get my roller skating on.

The day was POPPING. There were 3 dance classes happening, plus a DJ playing, the sun was shining it was a perfect day.

The mochi gummies are delicious first of all, it was hard to only have half. But half was the perfect amount to help me enjoy the sunshine and also concentrate on the task at hand-not falling.

Would highly (pun intended) recommend this edible for a fun and active adventure day.

PS. Not only does this brand sell flower + edibles, but they have a whole streetwear label! Founded by siblings Dae and Cindy Lim, this company is rad on so many levels.

22% THC, sativa

On one 75 degree Saturday we drove up to Guerneville to soak up some sunshine + sit by the river. These rosettes are mini joints that packed a punch. These babies are hash-infused, so 2-3 hits was perfect for me to lounge in my bikini by the river.

Honestly this day was perfect, a preview of a care-free post pandemic summer (Hopefully! Crossing fingers). And the rosettes really were perfect to pack with my picnic.

Founded by Erin Gore + Karli Warner this packaging is so good, and their motto is “turn down the daily chaos and turn up the joy.” I mean yessss please.

Def recommend the rosettes for any sort of sunshine adventure, just be careful of that hash infusion!


Ok, let’s be honest my adventures weren’t 100% FULL FLEDGED ADVENTURES. I am taking baby steps after this panorama, ok?

But for this 420, I hope you can light up or eat up somewhere outside drenched in sunshine.

And perhaps next year we can get back to that group 420 celebrations. I went to UC Santa Cruz and we all gathered thousands of us in a meadow as we lit up and wandered around on too many edibles, finding drum circles, and plastic easter eggs full of cannabis. Thinking about next year.

But here’s to a summer full of VACCINATIONS, inside cuddles, and outside adventures. Maybe those 8 weddings that have stacked up for the summer as well?

Happy 420 ya’ll.

(all products are linked above)

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Phoebe Sherman

Founder of Girl Gang Craft

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